Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tudor-y bits

I spent Saturday finishing off some Tudor clothing ready for Kentwell Hall's main event starting this Sunday (for 3 weeks). On Friday I made a start on a linen partlet. I hate partlets as I never seem to get them to fit properly - either too big or too small!

For the partlet, I followed the pattern in The Tudor Tailor - I would recommend making a toile first and I can guarentee that the pattern will need some alteration to fit properly. Before sewing it all together, I hemmed each piece individually, leaving the CF seam and neck un-hemmed. I then whip stitched the pieces together at the shoulders. After this I sewed in some millinary wire along the CF and around the neck as I wanted the collar to stand up. I then pleated up some tape and attached it to the collar. The partlet fits quite well, although I had to fold a pleat into the back, so it is a little baggy, but hopefully it's not too bad and I'll probably alter it at some point!

After I finished the partlet, I made and added the puffy bits to my second foresleeve and the the hem up a bit more on my forepart (as it was showing at the back!)

So, next on my list is the Victorian dress which I want to start before I disappear at the weekend!

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