Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The 18th Century is in vogue!

Yes, another year, another century! I've been wanting to do the C18th for some time and now I have finally got round to it!

So my first item of Georgian clothing was a cap. I started this in the afternoon , about 3pm, on 19/04/10 and finished it at 10.20pm on 20th. I worked it that I made the cap under 19.5 hours!

After searching about on the internet for a pattern to follow, I came across this one. Reading it through it all made sense so I decided to follow it although I had slightly different pattern pieces. As there is no need to write up how I made it, I shall post pictures with captions. If you want to make one, then the first picture I'll post of the pettern pieces will show measurements which you may copy - it should fit any head (mine measures 22") and any hair length as there seems to be plenty of room in the bag for long hair.

Pattern pieces with measurements.

Cut fabric pieces

The first frill.

The final piece pinned - the top cap band and frill.

Finished cap.

Back view.