Thursday, 10 September 2009

Where does one keep their armies?...

In one's sleevies! Boom boom. But first, I just want to talk about the back neckline. I left a inch to be turned under, and what was better was that there wasn't much of a curve and so it didn't need to be clipped to make it lie flat, huzzah!

And so unto the sleeves. These are elbow length sleeves. I used a friend's website which has a page on how to make a sleeve pattern, where it says about taking measurements for the wrist, I measured just above the elbow instead. It worked and fitted fine after a slight adjustment to make it a little bigger around the arm.

I cut out the sleeves in the same wool as the kirtle and turned up the 'hem' or the bottom of the sleeve 1.5" then ironed flat. I then pinned and sewed the 1" seam allowance along the length of the seam and neatened them like I did with the kirtle seams. Afterwards, I pinned the sleeve to the armhole and marked my 1" seam allowance and then sewed them.

As the seams are bulky due to canvas and a few layers of wool, I cut the canvas right down to about 1/4" and the wool and lining down to 1/2". I then made some bias binding from the left over lining fabric and pinned and sewed it over the seam to neaten it. And hey presto, the sleeves are complete!

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