Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Tudor update

Wow, well it has been some time since I've last posted, but in fairness, I have been very busy! I did a Tudor event at Dover Castle on 20th/21st June and I then on the monday I went to Kentwell to do the 3 week main event. Then every weekend after that until 8th/9th August, I was doing some kind of reenacting event - Roman and WW2. I've also just done another Tudor event over the bank holiday weekend at the end of August.

Anyway, back to the sewing. Something I hadn't added previously was the placard. This is the bit on the front of the gown that covers the lacing. The top part was the width of the gown, but curved a little so it would sit nicely when worn, and it tapered down a bit as it reached the bottom of my gown bodice (does that make sense?!). It was made out of wool, linen and canvas. I sewed one side onto the bodice and attached hooks and eyes onto the other.

Here is a picture of the finished thing:

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