Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tricorn at a Third of the Price!

Whilst out shopping with a friend of mine, I came across a very cheap, black felt, wide-brim hat for £3. I'm sorry, but even a reenactor couldn't miss a bargain like that - it would make the perfect tricorn!

So that is what I did today. I cut down the felt trim it had around the crown before pinning up the centre back and two sides. I had to play about a bit to get it right/equal. When I was happy, I sewed these sides with embroidery thread in a 'X' shape (see photo). Afterwards, I added some gold cord, which one of my friends had used to tie my 21st birthday present with, to the edge of the hat. Hey presto, I now have a tricorn for C18th and pirate usage at low cost!


  1. I will surely make one for my son when he will be older.I guess the hat can be made of any kind of material as long as it have the right shape to make a tricorn.You had a very good idea .

    1. I suspect it will be fine, yes.
      Thankyou :)