Thursday, 15 December 2011

Another jacket.

An C18th one this time, 1770s to be precise.
This was quite easy to pattern seeing as I helped my friend with hers so it was a pretty similar process.

I used the bodice pattern pieces from my polonaise gown and adjusted them according to this pattern which looks like this when complete (You can just about see on the back piece the lines I've made where I've joined the two back pieces from my gown to make them one). The skirt of my jacket measures 9" at the CB, 7" at the sides and 6.5" at the front.

I made a toile and it fitted pretty much perfectly - I had to move the gore up to the waist line and the straps needed taking in (which I expected as I had to do that on my gown). I haven't yet patterned or made a toile of the sleeves yet. I shall use the sleeve pattern I had for my gown and lengthen it before I make a toile when I buy some cheap fabric!

So next thing I've done is cut out the pieces in the fashion fabric. I set aside the left over navy blue wool I had previously used for my early Tudor gown. I will take this away with me tomorrow as I have a 5 day event starting this weekend so it will give me something to do if I have a spare moment in the evenings!

This is as far as I have got at the moment. I plan to line the jacket in some white/ivory linen I had left over from lining my Burgundian gown (I see a theme here), I think I also have some left over hook and eye tape from my polonaise...

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