Tuesday, 27 January 2009

1535 - under kirtle bodice part 2

Well, I managed to attach the bodice lining over the bodice to skirt seam - it was a bit fiddly especially at the edges where the wool and linen had been folded into the bodice.

Now it was the fun bit....EYELETS! For the under kirtle, I had to decided to use spiral lacing, which I had never used before, as I thought it would be easier to do up. I used this website to help me work out how and where to place the eyelets. I made the hole with a leather punch (I know I shouldn't as the will cause the hole to stretch a bit) and then oversewed round the edge of the eyelet - 32 in total. This is where my stack of DVDs came in handy!


  1. Oo! That's fab! Your blackworked cuffs are killer as well. Can't wait to see more! :D